Vigil of HonorHold (LN)
Overview: This organization is dedicated to staving off the collapse and dissolution of countries into chaos, anarchy, and civil war. Thus it’s members tend heavily towards lawfulness and are a loose coalition of established political powers concerned with mutual security and prosperity, the Lords’ Alliance is aggressive, militant and political. Their members are highly trained individuals who seek out and destroy threats to their lands and their leaders. Knights, Bureaucrats, Government Leaders, and those whom support the Divine Mandate System (of which there are many considering it’s a world with obvious godly intervention in the realms of mortals) are common members of this organization. It should be noted however, that one sect’s King can be another’s usurper! The Gaurdians of the Hidden Flame, for example, claim that the current Emperor of Kalamar comes from an usurper lineage and seek to displace him with the ‘one true king.’ Of course they must find the long-lost heir of the extinguished dynasty first! Others, such as the Knights of the Rose, believe that overthrowing Emperor Kabori would cause chaos and even lead to the destruction of the Empire and a successful invasion by the Monstrous Tribes & Empires. Both are parts of this umbrella organization.

Replaces in 5E: The Lord’s Alliance from the 5E ALPG (

Rolls-Up in Old: Castle of Honor, Gaurdians of the Hidden Flame, most Knightly Orders, Monarchists, & the Riders of the Lance

Ideals, Goals, & Beliefs:

Maintain a strong coalition against the forces of disorder.
If civilization is to survive, all must unite against the forces that threaten it.
Fight for your realm. Only you can bring honor, glory and prosperity to your lord and homeland.
Benefits: At tier 1 you receive a contact whom can put you in touch with Courtiers, Hedge Knights, and Tourney Officials. At tier 2 they grant a magic item, usually a Tabard of Protection.

Faction Activity: Seek Ally.

Call upon the service of a Veteran (as per the MM Appendix) to aid you in a single battle. Alternatively spend 5 days of downtime recruiting one that lasts for the entirety of your next adventure, performing any tasks you reasonably request of him or her. This person usually acts as a Squire.


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