Sentinels of Sanct Holme (NG)
Overview: An organization of ‘the common man’ for the defense of the ‘homestead,’ while the various sects of this organization disagree on whom exactly is part of the ‘commoners.’ Most of the members of this organization tend towards NG though there are individuals in the Gray Legion or The Pure Ones whom hold more lawful or chaotic tendencies. Yeoman farmers, town guards, merchant marines, and those whom minister to the ‘salt of the earth’ are all common members of this organization. Unlike the Silver Flames or the Band for All-Free, this organization prizes common goodness above all else.

Rolls-Up in Old: Church of the Holy Mother, the Grey Legion, cathedral of the Pure Ones, Guild of Town Guards, Most Steel Ribbons

Ideals, Goals, & Beliefs:

Aid the weak, poor and oppressed.
No one should be powerless.
The most common of people can still do the most extraordinary of things. Especially in the defense of their own homes.
Benefits: At tier 1 you receive a contact whom can put you in touch mayors, crafters, and traders. At tier 2 they grant a magic item, usually a Sentinel Shield.

Faction Activity: Rally the Troops.

By spending ten downtime days
to rally the locals—whether surface dwellers or Underdark
denizens—you can call three bandits (see appendix B of
the Monster Manual) to your assistance. By spending fifteen
downtime days, you can rally three bandits and one bandit
captain to your aid. These allies perform any tasks within
reason and capability, but they part ways with you after taking
part in one combat or at the end of the adventure, whichever
comes first. If things are looking grim and you do not already
have these allies (and have not already called them during
the current adventure), you can use a bonus action to spend
an additional five downtime days (for a total of fifteen or
twenty downtime days) and have these allies immediately
show up in a place of the Dungeon Master’s choosing.


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