Pirates of the Eight Pieces (NE)
Overview: This organization is dedicated to cutthroats and swashbucklers, including many kinds of rogues, criminals, privateers, spies, and others whom are outlaws. Though one is an outlaw, one can still be not only good, but support a legitimate society. After all, Robin Hood, one of the most famous thieves of all, supported the rule of King Richard the Lionhearted over the rule of his bastard brother Prince John. Well most of the members of this organization are cowards, currs, or base criminals, some hold themselves to a strict code of conduct. Usually based on the Pirate’s Code itself. Others, of course, see the code as ‘more like guidelines anyways.’ It was said that this organization was founded by The Eight Famous Pirate Lords whom were based out of Aasaer, City of Pirates. In Aasaer the only law is the Pirate’s Code and the strength of your own weapons.

Replaces in 5E: The Zhentarim from the 5E ALPG (http://media.wizards.com/2015/downloads/dnd/DDALPG_EEv1.pdf)

Rolls-Up in Old: Smugglers, Pirates, Bet Rogala Theives Guild, Some Slavers, Pirates of the Straits of Szvimoshia, Pirates of Renaaria Bay, the Sea Reavers, some Blue Salamanders, some Syndicate of Sand

Ideals, Goals, & Beliefs:

Remember the PIrate’s Code, and respect the right of parlay.
Every man has a vote in affairs of moment; has equal title to the fresh provisions, or strong liquors, at any time seized, and may use them at pleasure, unless a scarcity
Any man that steals from his allies is to be marooned.
Take what you can, give nothing back!
Requirements: Killing someone and fence one of their possessions. Swear to follow the Pirate’s Code.

Benefits: At tier 1 you receive a contact whom can put you in touch with foreign traders, smugglers, Cutpurses, and Cutthroats. At tier 2 they grant a magic item, usually a

Faction Activity: Procure Illict Goods (2.0)

You have contacts among smugglers residing in the ghettos
of the city, who are able to procure restricted and illicit items
for you. At the beginning of an adventure or when appropriate,
you can spend 2 downtime days to gain one of the following
items for the duration of the adventure: carrion crawler mucus,
serpent venom, or a moldering scroll holding a 1st-level spell
of your choice. Then roll on the Procure Illicit Goods table to
see what happens as a result of your dealings.

D20 Roll for Procure Illicit Good:

1: Botch You are caught red-handed and jailed for 1d8 days.
You do not gain the item. You must spend additional
downtime days to cover this jail time, but you do not
spend your lifestyle costs for these days. You can
avoid jail by paying 50 gp per day of jail time.

2–6 You are accosted by the city watch while making the
deal. You lose 100 gp and begin the adventure at half
your hit point maximum, but you manage to retain
possession of the item.

7–12 You find a fence willing to sell you the item, but
it’s going to cost you. You pay 50 gp for
the item.

13–19 You are able to swindle or fast-talk your way into
obtaining the item, gaining it for free.

20: Crit! You manage to obtain one item for free while
attempting to steal another. If you succeed, choose
two different items instead of one. You gain both of
the items for free. If you fail, you instead gain one
item for free.


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