College of Magic (CN)
Overview: This organization is dedicated to the study and perfection of Magic, both Arcane & Divine. There is a secret society within that even practices the most forbidden and misunderstood magic of all: Psionics. Those people call themselves Disciples of Aryvynner after their great Psionic Prophet. Even mundane alchemists and other seekers of obscure knowledge are included in this organization however but the vast majority have some sort of magical capability or potential. This is unusual since even necromancy is considered fine by the school if licensed. Wizards, Warlocks, Sorcerers, Clerics, and even magical beasts must be licensed by the College / Cathedral of Magic itself in the lands of Pekal as was given to them by treaty.

Rolls-Up in Old: Disciplies of Arvynner (Secretly), Vr Mindel (Alchemist’s Guild), Thrin Cor (Planar Travelers), the Great Library of ???, Cathedral of the Riftmaster

Ideals, Goals, & Beliefs:

One can never have too much information or arcane knowledge.
Too much power leads to corruption. The abuse of magic, in particular, must be closely monitored.
Obey the Magician’s Mandates (the Rules of the College of Magic)
To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous.
Requirements: Ability to cast any kind of spell or spell like ability.

Benefits: At tier 1 you receive a contact whom can put you in touch with scholars / libraries both magical & mundane. At tier 2 they grant a magic item, usually a Broach of Shielding?.

Faction Activity: Arcane Amnesty.

Gain advantage on all social interaction checks with city governments or guilds. Also, during downtime activity exonerate you or any member of your group who has broken a city-specific law. This may take multiple days depending on severity. “I AM A GREAT AND POWERFUL WIZARD AND SHALL NOT BE QUESTIONED BY THE LIKES OF YOU!”


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