Felix Goldenleaf (Bruno Trickfoot)

Nothing I do will ever be enough to repay my debt to Bruno Trickfoot, but I’ve spent enough time drinking away my guilt…It’s time for change.


Short, youthful, jaded, and never without his dogs, his bows, or his drink.

He’ll look something like this when he’s old:


He’s one of three Halflings residing in Dundenvale, likely the only three in this region of the country. Weird, isn’t it? They’ve been here as long as you can remember, and appear to subsist on meat and beer alone.

The capital city of Bet Rogala is known for its relatively tolerant laws towards different races, but it is not without its forsaken and impoverished. Home to many street urchins, children that, for circumstances either chosen or forced, roam the byways, alleyways, and streets in search of their next meal and entertainment. One amongst them was Felix Goldenleaf.

He told you his backstory here.

Now, he’s the most competent, naturally inclined hunter and tracker, leatherworker, and soon to be husband to a fey princess, AND HE STABBED A DRAGON IN THE BUTT. He’s clearly going places.


  • Earn rights for the shortfolk of Pekal – Getting them the right to vote.
  • Get a Ring of Enlarge/Reduce for reasons
  • Gain power and influence so he can destroy his father.
  • Become immortal through some method (Possibly becoming a fey)
  • Have a shit ton of weird fey-babies, or ‘feybies’
  • Commission two statues and plaques to honor Bruno Trickfoot
  • Migrate interested members of the Halfling community to our town to expand our labor force
  • Establish Outrider Post
  • Establish Hippogriff Rider Corp to protect the land from above
  • Leverage the halfling labor force, as well as his access to Ranger Magic, druids and Fey to become the de-facto producer of one or more cash crops to create some wealth for Pekal
  • Create one or more lucrative cash crop(s) by legalizing naturally occurring (plant-based) recreational drugs, (if they exist) and use our aforementioned benefits to produce enough to pacify a Beholder and also make a lot of coin.

More on the statue:
A statue to commemorate Bruno Trickfoot for his service as a Halfling Outrider, Role Model, Friend, Member of the Community, etc
Slightly larger than life sized, so that all Halflings will be able to look up to him, and also since they aren’t that big to begin with and a with
Should include a plaque with an overview of his life and impact, a quote, etc

One located at the Capital’s Halfling Outrider Office and another identical one at the Halfling Outrider Office Felix intends to .

I’ll have it the statue made in his likeness using a portrait the Outriders had made at one point in time.
A Group painting, but he was one of the ones on the front

Felix would also love for a statue of him to exist, but he won’t make it himself. Doesn’t mean anything that way.

Felix Goldenleaf (Bruno Trickfoot)

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