Tales of Telluria: Birthright and DeathRight

The End of the Beginning Part 2

Part 2: Temple Tome Tussle

Korra Lander – Jeffrey Chang
Pierro Malatesta – Josh Puey
Bruno “Felix” Trickfoot – Cameron Hogarth
Arianthana Dawnchaser – PJ
Trent Lilly – Asher “Tradefolk” Lore
Austin Lilly – Observing
Ray – Observing
JP – Absent Cleric of Mechanus


The docks district, a Silver Flame Warehouse for ‘provisions’ as the night deepens in darkness our ‘heroes’ battle one another by flickering torchlight. Korra sails across the marbles and cracks one of Asher’s ribs as he reaches for a particularly weighty tome written in no less than three tongues most ancient. However, Asher had used his cantrip Mage Hand to hurl the sunstone away from himself so that he might be able to use the powers of his infernal heritage to cloak him in the protection of darkness once more. Yet before he was fully able to enact that plan, Pierro had pounced upon him. Aritanthana’s investigative instincts had been set off and she sought to bring the man to justice, but had qualms as to what sort of ‘justice’ the Silver Flame Slayers might mete out! She summoned forth more light and while the mighty malatesta no longer had the unquenchable thirst for blood that made him an exile prince, he contained enough anger to wrestle Asher to the ground. Felix “Bruno” called for his friends to stop this foolish fighting as more would be coming whom might wish them all even graver ills! His please fell on deaf ears so he lit torches.

Outside, the Cleric of Mechanus tended to the oddly injured Slayer and then helped him seek his comrades to inform them of the ransacking of their secret storehouse of magical tomes. Later, the party realized that they might be able to use the existence of these tomes as leverage with the College of Magic against the Silver Flame Slayers.

Yet, Asher still had a few tricks of his sleeve, with magic and speed born of the desperation to finish a life-long quest, he slipped free from his attackers and deeper into the forest of marbles. Arianthana realized that this Tiefling could not truly get a fair trial, he would either be a creature protected by the College of Magic, or one put to death by the Sliver Flame Slayers as part of a blood feud extending through his whole family line… one that had wrapped in both the Lander and Malatesta lines.

Arianthana calls upon her divine magics to try and keep the Tiefling from fleeing further into the darkness as Pierro, Bruno, and Korra scramble across the marbles. Alas, the marbles conspire with the bookshelves to foil her progress to finally slay the brother of the mastermind behind her father’s death. Thanks to Bruno’s light and Arianthana’s spells Pierro was able to tie him down so that Felix, eerily calmly, could question him. Luckily, a Malatesta never wears the same shirt twice and so he tore it to shreds to tie up Asher so he could make no further escapes. Finally, Asher was forced to face his greatest fear… though he’ld slain ogres and even a dragon… what frightened him to the core of his being was… talking wtih his friends honestly about his innermost fears, most especially that the Malander line would succeed in snuffing out his Lore family tree!

Just in time, it’s noticed that the book Ahser was trying to make off with was flying away with an Imp, an oddly familiar looking one at that! After being recovered, it’s discovered to be a Grimoire of True Names of Planar creatures, including Demons, Devils, Angels, Genies, etc.

*Bruno calls for calm and reason but then must beat a hasty retreat

*Pierro must, against his usual nature, calm Korra so that they can truly get to the heart and truth of this matter of the Silver Flame Slayers calling upon her father’s adventuring party to put an end to the entire Lore line

*Arianthana finds proof that the secular and magical laws are opposed as provided by a captive Asher himself!

*Fleeing silver-tipped cross-bow bolts

*Seeking sanctuary at the College of Magic and needed to regroup



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