Tales of Telluria: Birthright and DeathRight

The End of the Beginning Part 3

Korra Lander – Jeffrey Chang
Pierro Malatesta – Josh Puey (Absent)
Bruno “Felix” Trickfoot – Cameron Hogarth
Arianthana Dawnchaser – PJ
Trent Lilly – Asher “Tradefolk” Lore
Austin Lilly – Observing
Ray – Observing

Felix and Asher fly into the the College of Magic and tell the attending Mage Knight about them breaking into the Silver Flame Slayers for investigative purposes. Asher presents his Father’s writ from the College of Magic and the evidence against the Silver Flame Slayers. They were able to get sanctuary for Asher Tradefolk.

Piero and Korra fled to Senator Constantina’s villa before a messenger came and fetched them to go to the Senate. Arianthana informed the Senate about a plethora of crimes that were committed underneath and in the city.

Arianthana addressed the Senate. “You may have seen the false dawn from the fires in the Halfling quarter. Within the sewers the seeds villainy were sown and if they were allowed to sprout, they would have destroyed this very Senate. Who’s treachery, do you ask is responsible for this? None other than the Silver Flame Slayers!”

The Senate erupted into verbal infighting with Senators throwing their arguments for one side or the other. Korra shouted above the fray “Have not the College of Magic been our faithful allies against Kalamar and on the Frontier? What has the Silver Flame Slayers done but jeopardize that alliance?” A Senatorial inquiry was started towards the Silver Flame Slayers.

Felix put forth a motion to have the Senate



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