Tales of Telluria: Birthright and DeathRight

Faction Fracas Finale Part 4

Cool Guys NEVER look back at the Explosion

Act 5 Scene 1: Out-Running the Explosions
We leave the Sentinels of Sanct Holme’s warehouse with most haste. We find ourselves in the halfing slums outside the city once again. The Band of the Minute hand decides to collapse the warehouse to slow down the cultists and the mephits they’ve summoned. We run quickly, and then the warehouse explodes. Halfling city is on fire once again, and we’ve got to find a way into the city in the middle of the night. The Minute Hand tells us about a warehouse that has smugglers tunnels, so we head there.

Act 5 Scene 2: Warehouse Woes
The smugglers are relatives of Pierro. Once they see him, it all gets sorted out. We move about a ton of silver sand out of the warehouse so it won’t get burned by the oncoming conflagration, but we leave the barrels of explosives to seal the tunnel behind us. We are now in the city proper and say goodbye to our nefarious friends to find the guards so we can see a Senator about a little Something.

Act 5 Scene 3: Changing of the Guard
While in the escort of the guards to see Korra’s friend Riorix, we chance upon a group of guards beating on people who look extremely like the family of Pierro that we just left. They have the same armor and accents, so Arianthana calls out the guard leading the beatings. That guard is a Captain, and he doesn’t like people telling him to stop beating people. We yell and shout while fires and explosions light up the night, and get a whole lot of nothing done. Mage knights are attracted to our shouting, and come with a familiar beholder in tow. He’s been beaten, blinded in 9 out of 11 eyes, drugged, drowned, and they still expect him to preform his duties. With another side about to enter the fray and demand the arrest of Korra, Pierro jumps in wearing a city guard uniform and starts a fight. Korra and Arianthana wrest control of the beholder’s leash from the mage-knights and a thick fog suddenly envelops the battle field.

Act 5 Scene 4: Getting out
The fog clears quickly and a group of gilded cavalry lead by a gristled commander of Honor Hold who calls for a halt of hostilities. He reminds everyone of their duties during this night of chaos, and takes charge of the charges (the party). Aegis peeks out from behind the commander, and we learn that Aegis is a she, and that the commander is her uncle. She offers to explain why she’s coated in grease or slime later, and that we need to get to the senator. The party absconds with the mage-knights beholder and leaves it in the care of the Senator’s personal guards since the College of Magic clearly can’t take care of one of their members. We inform the Senator of the goings on of the night, and then promptly pass out in the comfort and security of our trusted friends stronghold.

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