The Watcher

Spheres of Influence: The Watcher is the god of wanderers and loneliness
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Spells Returned: At Noon
Symbol: A winding road disappearing over a hill or a winged staff.
Divine Focus: An intricately carved and decorated walking stick with feathered wings near the top.
Weapon: Quarterstaff
Domains: Chaos, Knowledge, Travel, Portal
Clergy Classes: -

Appearance: The Watcher has never been known to assume the same form twice. However, some followers believe she observes mortals from time to time through the eyes of a lone coyote.

Allies: The Thunderer’s Temple, the Face of the Free, the Temple of the Stars

Enemies: The House of Shackles, the Founder’s Creation, the Home Foundation

Merchant’s Tongue: The Watcher, The Wanderer, Prince of Solitude, The Solitary Traveler
Brandobian: Randor
Dejy: Ryjnar
Fhokki: Rannorr
Kalamaran: Ranadori
Reanaarese: Rounai
Svimohzish: Rohsowmi
Low Elven: Ranalaessi
Dwarven: Sunila
Gnomish: Wicilat
Halfling: Tojela
Hobgoblin: Greznar-Tukro-Kuul
Orc: Vrigor

As I walked with myself and talked with myself, myself said unto me; take care of thyself, for nobody but thou cares for thee
Loneliness inspires the mind
Wandering may be lonely, but I have met more creatures this year than you will know in your lifetime
The longest journey begins with just one step
The mysteries of life you will never understand, until you have been a stranger in a strange land
One never knows what lies over the next hill. So, go and see

The Watcher

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