The True


Spheres of Influence: The True is the god of justice and truth.
Symbol: Scale balanced on a golden sword.
Divine Focus: Small golden sword or tiny scale.
Weapon: Longsword
Domains: Good, Knowledge, Law, Protection, Nobility, Retribution
Alignment: Lawful Good
Spells Returned: At Dawn

Appearance: The Magnificent Magistrate appears as a young, beautiful, athletic being. She has long blond hair and piercing blue eyes. The Exalted Judge is clad in gold chainmail and a flowing white cloak; she wields two longswords (“Truth Seeker” and “Justice Bringer”) known as the Swords of Justice.

Allies: The Hall of Oaths, the Halls of the Valiant, the Church of Everlasting Hope, the Founder’s Creation, the Order of Thought, the Inevitable Order of Time

Enemies: The Courts of Inequity, the Confuser of Ways, the Way of the Berserk, the Temple of STrife, the Congregation of the Dead

The Role of the Church
In many regions it is tradition for a Truthseeker to say a blessing before events such as a trial. In addition, trials can be overseen by an actual Truthseeker. This practice sometimes makes members of the gentry nervous, because they don’t see the Truthseekers as having the proper respect for their stations that an official should.

Merchant’s Tongue: The True, The Blind One, The Magnificent Magistrate, The Exalted Judge
Brandobian: Vrilnan
Dejy: Lydthesh
Fhokki: Aydharra
Kalamaran: Fapeki
Reanaarese: Mosaa
Svimohzish: Svishozh

Low Elven: Eleria Dwarven: Salimak Gnomish: Treslin Halfling: Lareki Hobgoblin: Graz-Vagh Orc: Rork

When a man lies, he slays forever a part of the world
Bearing false witness is the greatest injustice that can be preformed on society, for without truth, reality is an illusion
Justice is best preformed in a court of law
Be just and true and only good will come to you
If one chooses to live within society, one must follow society’s laws else suffer her rightful and just wrath
Lying is capital punishment for the soul
The truth shall make you free

The True

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