The Seller of Souls

Spheres of Influence: The Seller of Souls is the god of murder and revenge.
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Spells Returned: At Midnight
Symbol: Skull-headed scorpion with blood dripping from its stinger.
Divine Focus: Silver scorpion.
Weapon: Dagger
Domains: Death, Evil, Trickery, Retribution

Appearance: The Seller of Souls appears as a short, thin being with jet black hair and eyes. He is clad in black leather and cloak.

Allies: The Congregation of the Dead, the Temple of Sleepless Nights, the Parish of the Prolific Coin, the Church of Endless Night

Enemies: The Halls of the Valiant, the Church of Everlasting Hope, the Founder’s Creation, the House of Solace, the Hall of Oaths

Merchant’s Tongue: The Seller of Souls, The Unseen One, The Silent Slayer, Father of Murder, Provider of Retribution, The Vengeful One, The Vindicator, The Avenger
Brandobian: Frinta
Dejy: Dotogyr
Fhokki: Skrokkor
Kalamaran: P’Lipu
Reanaarese: Zael
Svimohzish: Imohn
Low Elven: Valandar
Dwarven: Kezek
Gnomish: Yumas
Halfling: Narokam
Hobgoblin: Guldarr-Thorbrog
Orc: Vadash

Your soul will bring a good price
Murder is such sweet revenge
Feel my sting
Like a scorpion, a Veiled Priest must strike swiftly and accurately, but most importantly, the sting must be deadly
Revenge is a meal best served cold
Guard your soul well, lest it become mine

The Seller of Souls

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