The Riftmaster


Spheres of Influence: The Riftmaster is the god of magic.
Alignment: Neutral
Spells Returned: At Dawn
Symbol: A platinum key.
Divine Focus: A colored key.
Weapon: Dagger
Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Timing, Summoning, Illusion, Portal, Spell
Clergy Classes: Wizard, Archivist, Sorceror, Cleric, Monk

Appearance: The Riftmaster appears as a cloaked skeletal figure. The Sorcerer Supreme is a fearsome sight for nonworshippers.

Allies: The Order of Thought, the Assembly of the Four Corners, the Founder’s Creation

Enemies: The Confuser of Ways, the Temple of Strife, the Halls of the Valiant

The Role of the Church
Priests of the Riftmaster consider the existence of magic to be a source of great power, yet great danger. While the sentient races of Tellene have developed some ability to control magic, undisciplined practitioners can bring harm to themselves and their communities if they are not careful. The Keyholders consider it their duty to simultaniously gather information about the nature of magic, learn and record new discoveries, and reign in magicians who threaten the fabric of the universe with their arts.

Merchant’s Tongue: The Riftmaster, The Gatekeeper, Sorcerer Supreme, The Flowmaster
Brandobian: Emnon
Dejy: Djahn
Fhokki: Tykhor
Kalamaran: Hokalas
Reanaarese: Bealai
Svimohzish: Ehnovam
Low Elven: Halobrendar
Dwarven: Lugad
Gnomish: Halit
Halfling: Boerin
Hobgoblin: Ganlinaraz-Krok
Orc: Eraurk

A fool and his magic soon part ways
Magic used wisely is there when needed
May your wisdom be as powerful as your spells
I am magic
A farewell: Use well your sorcery

The Riftmaster

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