The Overlord

Spheres of Influence: The Overlord is the god of oppression and slavery.
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Spells Returned: At Dusk
Symbol: Mailed fist.
Divine Focus: Gauntlet worn on the right hand.
Weapon: Spiked Chain
Domains: Evil, Law, Strength, Domination, Suffering, Tyranny

Appearance: The Overlord appears either as a disfigured old man or an immense thirty-foot tall being.

Allies: The House of Scorn, the Order of Agony, the Temple of Sleepless Nights, the Parish of the Prolific Coin

Enemies: The Face of the Free, the House of Solace, the Parish of Love, the Halls of the Valiant

Merchant’s Tongue: The Overlord, The Oppressor, Tyrant of Tellene, Enemy of the Free, Bringer of the New Order, Yielder to None, He Who Brings Gods Low, Shackles
Brandobian: Velmn
Dejy: Asha
Fhokki: Dakkar
Kalamaran: E’patali
Reanaarese: Foobi
Svimohzish: Thehzno
Low Elven: Enedeteriel
Dwarven: Moizarak
Gnomish: Foirin
Halfling: Shakkan
Hobgoblin: Grebok-Krokramar
Orc: Vraol

To feel the whip is to feel the burning kiss of the Overlord
Let your scars be a reminder of who is the master and who is the slave
My words are your thoughts, we are one
The will of the Overlord cannot be denied
Our enemies will be crushed in the fist of the Oppressor

The Overlord

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