The Mule


Spheres of Influence: The Mule is the deity of mathematics, science, invention, reasoning, and knowledge.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Spells Returned: At Dawn
Symbol: Triangle within a circle, within a square.
Divine Focus: A silver piece with the Mathmaster’s symbol stamped on it.
Weapon: Crossbow
Domains: Knowledge, Law, Magic, Divination, Craft

Appearance: The Professor appears as a bald man or woman with a solemn expression. When on the prime material plane, the Enlightener often takes the form of a mule to observe worshippers first hand.

Allies: The Temple of Armed Conflict, the Home Foundation, the Founder’s Creation, the Temple of the Life’s Fire, the Inevitable Order of Time

Enemies: The Confuser of Ways, the Temple of Strife, the Way of the Berserk, the Order of the Passionate One, the Church of Chance, the Theater of the Arts, the Temple of Sleepless Nights

Merchant’s Tongue: The Mule, The Enlightener, Mathmaster, The Professor
Brandobian: Keplern
Dejy: Roshko
Fhokki: Khete
Kalamaran: Rotovi
Reanaarese: Roatoov
Svimohzish: Shapirozh
Low Elven: Darabentariel
Dwarven: Gramlek
Gnomish: Nidorn
Halfling: Kavdela
Hobgoblin: Mukli-Gurkkagh
Orc: Padash

Two heads are not better than one if neither are uneducated
The answer will come to one who perseveres
Invention is the gift of the Enlightener and must be shared with all who would know
I don’t understand what could possibly have gone wrong. It should have worked fine. It’s not my fault.
Even the brilliant are sometimes perplexed

The Mule

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