The Laugher

Spheres of Influence: The Laugher is the god of passion and wine.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Spells Returned: At Dawn
Symbol: Fresh grapes, wineberries, or a gaping mouth.
Divine Focus: Small sculpture of wineberries.
Weapon: Club
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Plant, Trickery, Madness

Appearance: The Passionate One never takes the exact same form twice, so there is no accurate representation of the Laugher’s form on Tellene.

Allies: The Thunderer’s Temple, the Temple of Strife, the House of Vice, the Church of Chance, the Theater of the Arts

Enemies: The Fraternal Order of Aptitude, the Founder’s Creation, the Hall of Oaths, the Courts of Justice, the Home Foundation

Merchant’s Tongue: The Laugher, The Passionate One, King of Climax, Father of Wine, Master of the Grape
Brandobian: Malmsey
Dejy: Zymur
Fhokki: Kholnarr
Kalamaran: Kasatori
Reanaarese: Oowaaw
Svimohzish: Neshvah
Low Elven: Jennaentariel
Dwarven: Rublim
Gnomish: Sulreen
Halfling: Ledia
Hobgoblin: Akdren-Ulkromar
Orc: Grolg

Finish that one so I can pour you another!
That sure is a beautiful necklace you have there…
I’m not ash think ash your drunk I am, magish-thart, hee hee.
Really! I thought this was my estate. I must have been confused by the storm and all
Shut up and finish your wine!
See you next year in Shyta-na-Dobyo!
If you can’t laugh with ‘em, slug ’em!
Nothin’ gets the blood pumpin’ like a good brawl

The Laugher

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