The Flaymaster

Spheres of Influence: The Flaymaster is the deity of pain, torture and cold
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Spells Returned: At Dusk
Symbol: Dagger with blood dripping off the blade.
Divine Focus: Bloodied dagger.
Weapon: Whip
Domains: Cold, Destruction, Evil, Law, Suffering

Appearance: Ice Heart appears as a thin being dressed in black leather with a black studded leather hood. She speaks in a low raspy voice and has penetrating gray eyes.

Allies: The House of Knives, the Temple of Sleepless Nights, the Fraternal Order of Aptitude, the House of Shackles, the Temple of the Three Strengths

Enemies: The Church of Everlasting Hope, the House of Solace, the Church of the Night’s Beauty, the House of Vice, the Conventicle of Affliction

The Role of the Church
The Theocracy of Slen is controlled by followers of the Flaymaster.

Merchant’s Tongue: The Flaymaster, Ice Heart, Slowdeath, The Hood, Cold Death, The Knife, Icebite, The Prince of Suffering, The Cruel Master, Scourge of Tellene
Brandobian: Elnamna
Dejy: Slen
Fhokki: Kennad
Kalamaran: Pirabi
Reanaarese: Leom
Svimohzish: Minmehw
Low Elven: Beraendar
Dwarven: Zegnar
Gnomish: Laripa
Halfling: Ralek
Hobgoblin: Patukk-Ro-Tirnog
Orc: Grodish

Better than a sharp stick in the eye
I want to hear you scream
If you beg for mercy, I’ll stop, oh that’s right, you’ve got no tongue, hahaha.
Take a stake to him
Feel my pain
Life is pain

The Flaymaster

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