The Eternal Lantern


Spheres of Influence: The Eternal Lantern claims sway over day, light, and certain special times of sunlight ( dawn, noon ).

Alignment: Lawful Good
Spells Returned: At Noon
Symbol: Half of a shining sun.
Divine Focus: Half of a shining sun.
Weapon: Mace
Domains: Fire, Good, Law, Sun, Glory, Sentinel

Appearance: The Eternal Lantern appears as a beautiful young lady. She has porcelain white skin and gleaming golden hair. Her garb is shining plate mail with a white cloak that radiates bright sunlight. The Shining One wields a golden mace (“Daybringer”).

Allies: The Theater of the Arts, the Church of the Life’s Fire, the Church of the Night’s Beauty, the Courts of Justice

Enemies: The Church of Endless Night, the Congregation of the Dead, the Temple of Strife

The Role of the Church
The most common service performed by the Order of Light is the Dark Watch. Priests take turns spending nights walking around a settlement bearing torches or lanterns to drive back the darkness. They also take in poor children to serve as link-boys, who personally guide a traveller through a city with a torch. Some of these children later become alcolytes of the church.

Merchant’s Tongue: The Peacemaker, Lord of Tranquility, Lord of Ease, The Peaceful One, King of Comfort, Master of Serenity, The Pacifier
Brandobian: Ranas
Dejy: Wejryn
Fhokki: Dhavokk
Kalamaran: P’Rofali
Reanaarese: Geonea
Svimohzish: Hezhovozh
Low Elven: Valaennon
Dwarven: Nisakil
Gnomish: Wabamel
Halfling: Valdi
Hobgoblin: Tukamek-Ultak
Orc: Varbag

Rest now to celebrate the new day
A morning prayer (often sung):
_ “Oh shine on me to make them see,
such a wonderful sight in the new dawn’s light.
Rest they may, but soon comes day.
And I wish them to see your glory gleam.”
A line said to foes conquered during Dark Watch:
“You shall never again dream or even see light.
Darkness disperse. I claim the night.”

Daylight soothes you. Dawn warms and moves you.
The suns rays caress you until you slip away. Oh the lovely light of day.
A farewell: “Push the day into the night.”

The Eternal Lantern

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