The Dark One

Spheres of Influence: Blacksoul is the deity of dusk, darkness, and moonless nights.
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Spells Returned: At Midnight
Symbol: An eyeless raven gripping a bloody eye.
Divine Focus: A small leather pouch filled with former sacrifices.
Weapon: Greataxe.
Domains: Earth, Evil, Law, Cavern, Darkness

Appearance: The Dark One always appears as a shapeless, amorphous cloud of complete blackness.

Allies: The Temple of Sleepless Nights, the Courst of Inequity

Enemies: The Assembly of Light, the Church of the Silver Mist

The Role of the Church
The largest number of followers of Blacksoul exist among the Hobgoblins, particularly the Hobgoblin kingdom of Norga-Krangrel. They regard Blacksoul as their creator and the priesthood weilds great power in their society.

Merchant’s Tongue: The Dark One, Blacksoul, Blackmourn, Devourer of Light, Eyeless One, Ruler of the Night, Lord Midnight, Lord Twilight, Lurker in the Void
Brandobian: Manfred
Dejy: Nyko
Fhokki: Norakk
Kalamaran: Lamas
Reanaarese: Voomau
Svimohzish: Zhanvim
Low Elven: Beraclya
Dwarven: Solin
Gnomish: Ruwin
Halfling: Gonwen
Hobgoblin: Mravroshkha-Khielshor
Orc: Gridash

Darkness is enlightenment
The black void is near
He shall swallow the light and consume the soul
See the darkness
Blessed are the blind for they see only the darkness

The Dark One

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