The Corrupter

Spheres of Influence: The Corrupter is the god of injustice, envy, and jealousy.
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Spells Returned: At Dawn
Symbol: Tipped scales resting ona goat’s skull.
Divine Focus: Tiny golden scales that never balance.
Weapon: Longsword
Domains: Evil, Law, Tickery, Hatred

Appearance: The Mistress of Spite appears as a stunningly beautiful queen, lavishly dressed in the finest, most expensive garments. She always wears priceless jewelry and a gorgeous diamond encrusted tiara

Allies: The Church of Endless Night, the House of Shackles, House of Scorn, House of Knives

Enemies: The Courts of Justice, the Face of the Free, the Hall of Oaths, the Halls of the Valiant

Merchant’s Tongue: The Corrupter, The Queen of Inequity, Jealous Eye, Mistress of Spite, The Covetous One
Brandobian: Enard
Dejy: Ojob
Fhokki: Takkarkk
Kalamaran: Kar’soloti
Reanaarese: Zoolaa
Svimohzish: Namona
Low Elven: Adrenannon
Dwarven: Surik
Gnomish: Norenn
Halfling: Tarbak
Hobgoblin: Ganor-Thana-Kurrug
Orc: Vrak

It’s not how you win or loose, its how you bend the rules
Don’t you wish you had a necklace as beautiful as hers?
If it wasn’t for that incredibly ugly scar, you might be as handsome as he
You know he doesn’t deserve that fine, silk hat. Go ahead. Take it, I won’t tell.

The Corrupter

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