The Coddler


Spheres of Influence: The Coddler is the god of restful sleep, dreams and aspirations.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Spells Returned: At Dusk
Symbol: Crossed hands resting on one’s chest as if sleeping.
Divine Focus: A small pillow or blessed sand.
Weapon: Halberd
Domains: Chaos, Good, Healing, Protection, Mind, Mysticism

Appearance: The Imparter of Inspiration appears to worshippers as a beautiful woman clad in comfortable, midnight blue and light gray robes. She is often surrounded by a silver mist.

Allies: House of Comfort, the Order of the Passionate One

Enemies: Temple of Sleepless Nights, the Order of Agony, Church of Endless Night, the House of Vice

The Role of the Church

The Dream Weavers devote themselves to protecting the dreams of their followers. The exact nature of the Dream is known only to initiates, but anyone is welcome to come to the temple to discuss their dreams. Some priests warn of the potential for danger in dreaming and recommend disciplining the mind to protect it from unseen threats

Merchant’s Tongue: The Coddler, The Night Watchman, The Imparter of Inspiration
Brandobian: Slompelna
Dejy: Yendaj
Fhokki: Fyadarr
Kalamaran: B’Neli
Reanaarese: Boegoo
Svimohzish: Sohadowah
Low Elven: Manassi
Dwarven: Gilli
Gnomish: Cozer
Halfling: Baktar
Hobgoblin: Thulvar-Tudar-Brog
Orc: Grik

Life is an illusion that your dreams can change
Have no fear to sleep this night, the Night Watchman is here to ensure morning’s light
Listen to your dreams, they can tell you much
The Coddler will see you in your dreams

The Coddler

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