Spheres of Influence: The Rotlord is the deity of disease, plague and vermin.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Spells Returned: At Dusk
Symbol: A rotting, worm-eaten head.
Divine Focus: A piece of rotting flesh.
Weapon: Flail
Domains: Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil, Pestilence, Slime

Appearance: The Lord of the Putrid takes many forms, but his body is always covered with festering sores, oozing boils and the like.

Allies: The House of Hunger, the Congregation of the Dead

Enemies: The Temple of the Three Strengths, the House of Solace, the Church of Everlasting Hope

Merchant’s Tongue: Rotlord, King of Affliction, Bringer of the Plague, Lord of the Putrid, Prince of Carrion, Malignant One, Prince of Pestilence
Brandobian: Drelmn
Dejy: Shathy
Fhokki: Dahann
Kalamaran: Fetor
Reanaarese: Xeakue
Svimohzish: Moshohn
Low Elven: Gherhimn
Dwarven: Lignar
Gnomish: Treibaen
Halfling: Alvear
Hobgoblin: Azzabrak-Kathal
Orc: Rudash

A plague on your household
Feel my disease
A pox on you and your kindred
When the King of Affliction has smothered Tellene in pestilence, he will remember his flock and he will grant the Pestilent Ones the power to control all who would choose to live


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