Spheres of Influence: Raconteur is the god of the arts (includes paintings, poetry, music, humor, etc.).
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Spells Returned: At Dawn
Symbol: A theatrical mask or a jester hat.
Divine Focus: A small theatrical mask.
Weapon: Club
Domains: Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Luck
Clergy: Bard, Expert, Rogue, Archivist

Appearance: Raconteur appears in many different forms, but he always appears as a performer or artist. His apparel is always appropriate to his performance medium.

Allies: Church of the Night’s Beauty, the Order of the Passionate One, the Face of the Free

Enemies: The House of Shackles, the Founder’s Creation, the Home Foundation

Merchant’s Tongue: Raconteur, The Eternal Bard, Loremaster
Brandobian: Lendanor
Dejy: Yejda
Fhokki: Kydarra
Kalamaran: Pinini
Reanaarese: Keifau
Svimohzish: Shanoh\
Low Elven: Banadar
Dwarven: Doisin
Gnomish: Laulla
Halfling: Birah
Hobgoblin: Grozar-Tuka
Orc: Valg

A rapier wit can slice the toughest armor
Laughter is the best way to resolve a conflict
Music is the language of the gods
Preform every day as if it were your last
The pen is mightier than the sword
To bring a smile to sad lips is to give a gift greater than gold
Laugh and the world laughs with you; cry and the world laughs at you


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