Prince of Terror

Spheres of Influence: The Prince of Terror is the god of fear and nightmares.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Spells Returned: At Dusk
Symbol: Face filled with terror.
Divine Focus: A shrunken head.
Weapon: Greatsword
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Terror, Trickery, Mind, Mysticism, Illusion

Appearance: The Prince of Terror always assumes the form of his viewer’s worst nightmare.

Allies: The Order of Agony, the Church of Endless Night, the Congregation of the Dead, the House of Knives

Enemies: The Face of the Free, the Assembly of Light, the Theater of the Arts

Merchant’s Tongue: Prince of Terror, Sultan of Fear, Bloodcurdler, Master of Horrors, Old Shivers, King of the Macabre, Sender of Dread
Brandobian: Fintor
Dejy: Adajy
Fhokki: Tannar
Kalamaran: Goli
Reanaarese: Vasau
Svimohzish: Owhzi
Low Elven: Kheiskhari
Dwarven: Benlarr
Gnomish: Gardonn
Hafling: Sevar
Hobgoblin: Haagul-Naz
Orc: Hilg

When you sleep sound, we will soon be around
The war within thyself has begun
Fear is the mind killer
All Tellene trembles before the Prince [of Terror]!

Prince of Terror

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