As always ?? means that I am play-testing / opened debate on the rule for implementation and that it may not be used after all.

The Following Variants are from the DMG and part of the “High History / Low Fantasy” and “Gritty Realism / Political Intrigue” package of suggested variants for that genre:

Mystery Cults (DMG 11), Trade Goods (DMG 20), Languages & Dialects (DMG 20), Factions / Organizations & Renown (DMG 22), Restrictions on Magic & Bringing Back the Dead (DMG 24), Starting Equipment & Tiers of Play (DMG 38), Healer’s Kit Dependency (DMG 266), Slow Natural Healing (DMG 267), Gritty Realism / Longer Rests (DMG 267), Climb onto a Bigger Creature (DMG 271), Injuries / Crippling (DMG 272) for some times when thematically appropriate, and Morale (DMG 273).

Example Race: Aasimar (DMG 286) is also an allowed race as noted elsewhere.

Rules Variants Under Consideration for Adoption:

?? PIety (DMG 23), Fear (DMG 266), ?? Disarm (DMG 271) , ?? Overun (DMG 272), ?? Shove Aside (DMG 272) ??, ?? Tumble (272) ??, ?? Massive Damage (DMG 273)

Variant House Rules to the DMG rules:

All monsters with a CR less than one (fractional or zero) have a proficiency bonus of +1 instead of +2 (DMG 274), this means that “pro-ass kobold slingers” will be less of a threat to very high level adventurers.

To do:

Pick and explain a method of planar cosmology (DMG 44), perhaps the Orrery

Add Variant Rules from the PHB and MM1


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