Mother of the Elements


Spheres of Influence: The Mother of the Elements is the deity responsible for each of four elements ( earth, air, fire, water).
Alignment: Neutral
Spells Returned: At Dawn
Symbol: A circle divided into four equal parts with one cult represented in each corner. Worship of this deity is divided into four cults: earth, air, fire, and water.
Divine Focus: Varies by cult: A gem stone, a silver bird figurine, an obsidian flame and a coral wave, respectively.
Weapon: Air: bow Earth: sling Fire: scimitar Water: trident
Domains: Air, Animal, Earth, Cavern, Metal, Ocean

Appearance: The Mother of the Elements appears differently to each cult. The appearance and demeanor of Wave Crusher reflect her different spheres of control. The Madame of the Wind can be as stubborn and unyielding as a rock, as stormy and unfathomable as the sea, as wild and dangerous as a forest fire or as gentle as a breeze. (The Grand Incinerator has limited appeal, due to her quick and dangerous mood swings.) But those who favor the elements are highly devoted.

The earth cult views the Earth Mother as a beautiful young maiden with wild, wind-blown hair, blue eyes and dark brown skin. The air cult views the Madame of the Wind as a short, slender woman of pale complexion, dressed in a flowing silver gown with a white belt. To the fire cult worshippers, the Grand Incinerator appears in the form of a huge fire elemental. To the water cult, Wave Crusher appears as a towering giant with rippling muscles, clad in seaweed and wielding a massive harpoon.

Allies: The Conventicle of the Great Tree, the Church of the Life’s Fire, the Temple of Enchantment

Enemies: The Church of Endless Night, the Temple of Strife, the Assembly of Light, the Theater of the Arts

The Role of the Church
There is little by way of a unified temple for the Mother of the Elements. Typical followings involve cults devoted to one of the aspects of the Goddess. Laymen make sacrifices at shrines to protect their dwellings against fire or flood, protect miners in tunnels, or request favorable winds for ocean travel.

Merchant’s Tongue: Mother of the Elements, Earth Mother, Madame of the Wind, The Grand Incinterator, Wave Crusher
Brandobian: Elandril
Dejy: Thyjyk
Fhokki: Rykker
Kalamaran: Lisar
Reanaarese: Zeenoa
Svimohzish: Mohrah
Low Elven: Carrobredanten
Dwarven: Suzek
Gnomish: Ferran
Halfling: Vela
Hobgoblin: Katha-Gulmakkel
Orc: Punak

Nothing lasts forever except the elements
Let your grip be firm as rock
All shall return to the soil
May the tides favor your voyage
The deep never forgets
Allow your soul be pure as the water that gave birth to it
The winds of life will soothe your sorrows
May the lady of the wind speed your journey
The lady’s blessing is within your breath
Those who toy with flame are sure to be burned
May the fires of the planes cleanse your soul

Mother of the Elements

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