Locust Lord

Spheres of Influence: The Locust Lord is the god of famine, hunger, and starvation.
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Spells Returned: At Dusk
Symbol: Goblet with a hole in the bottom and death oozing out.
Divine Focus: Ornate goblet with a hole in the bottom.
Weapon: Mace
Domains: Destruction, Evil, Fire, Plant, Spider

Appearance: The Locust Lord appears as a large, grotesque and inconceivably obese being with tiny arms and legs. The gluttonous being is always munching on some morsel of rich food.

Allies: The Conventicle of Affliction, the Congregation of the Dead

Enemies: The Church of Everlasting Hope, the Home Foundation

Merchant’s Tongue: Locust Lord, Harbinger of Hunger, Baron of Starvation, Provider of Famine, Cropslayer, Beastfouler, Gluttonous One, Devourer of All
Brandobian: Calnsib
Dejy: Synadyr
Fhokki: Dhadd
Kalamaran: Alu
Reanaarese: Eoru-Roerar
Svimohzish: Zhazaz
Low Elven: Laberel
Dwarven: Fuoro
Gnomish: Gulrath
Halfling: Geflen
Hobgoblin: Korrogaz-Melrak
Orc: Vagar

The green horde cometh
Your flock will be stricken and your crops will wither before Cropslayer
Only the Gluttonous Ones can save you from your hunger
We will swarm our enemies like locusts do the fields

Locust Lord

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