The great Kalamaran Empire, which once covered much of Tellene, yet time weighs heavily upon all, and the empire’s reach is not what it once was. Its provinces declare independence, hobgoblin kingdoms thrive and foreign empires expand, while the monsters of the land grow stronger than ever. Still, its influence is felt almost everywhere in Tellene.

As a nation, Kalamar has its roots in peace and prosperous co-existence of humans and non-humans. Many hundreds of years ago, settlers came north across the land bridge from the cradle of civilization and prospered in the wetlands of the Alubelok Swamp. Wise decisions made by King Ali Inakas lead to productive treaties with the dwarves of the Ka’Asa Mountains. Armed with the secret of dwarven bronze, the Kalamarans were well equipped to defend their territory.

Soon, though, dissatisfaction plagued the Kalamaran people. King Ali’s sons, Rulakan and Fulakar, encouraged their father to use their bronze-equipped armies to conquer instead of defend. A peaceful king, Ali refused. His sons orchestrated a coup and assassinated their own father. Now in control of the nation, they began an aggressive and destructive campaign of expansion.

After being stopped in the south by the humanoids of the Obakasek Jungle, the brothers pressed northward where they rolled over all resistance until they were turned away by the Fhokki barbarians. Already controlling massive territory, the Kalamaran horde pressed westward toward Brandobia where they were eventually barely stopped at the Legasa Peaks in the famous battle of Coniper Gap.

The Obakasek to the south, the Fhokki to the north, the Brandobians to the west and the natural barrier of the Kakidela, Ka’Asa and Byth Mountains to the west left the Kalamarans with a huge expanse of territory which eventually proved too much to govern and control.

Over time, fragments of the Kingdom sued for independence one by one, backing up their demands with military force. Those offshoot territories which could not be beaten into submission slipped from the Kingdom’s grasp and formed independent nations.

Today, the Kalamaran Empire sits in the middle of a barely controlled collection of nations consisting of the Kingdom of Kalamar, the Kingdom of Basir, the lands of Tarisato, the Duchy of Dodera and the Kingdom of Tokis. Despite Emperor Kabori’s desire to reclaim lost territory, it is all he can do to hold on to what he has now.

Kalamar Today

Over the course of the past three centuries of the rule of House Bakar, the Kingdom of Kalamar has lost half of its original holdings. It is only due to the strength and cleverness of the current ruler, Emperor Kabori, that Kalamar doesn’t completely crumble. Gems and ores removed from the Ka’Asa Mountains by dwarven slaves, abundant food supplies and vast herds of livestock enable Kabori to fund his massive military which in turn lets him rule through fear and power.

There are legends, though, of the return of an ancestor of House Inakas, the original Kalamaran rulers, who will fulfill prophecy and rise to peaceful leadership of the troubled land.


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