Holy Mother


Spheres of Influence: The Holy Mother is the deity of home, industriousness, and marriage.

Alignment: Lawful Good
Spells Returned: At Dawn
Symbol: A house encircled by a ring.
Divine Focus: Two linked metal rings.
Weapon: Light Hammer
Domains: Good, Healing, Law, Community, Family
Appearance: Homemaker appears as a male or female commoner dressed in work clothes.

Allies: The Founder’s Creation, the Parish of Love, the Theater of the Arts, the Hall of Oaths

Enemies: The House of Vice, the Temple of Strife, the Confuser of Ways, the Courts of Inequity

The Role of the Church:

The Home Foundation’s most common task is to oversee marriages. They’ll also mediate family disputes, dowry negotiations, and feuds. The Brotherhood of Industry works hard to ensure a strong community.

Church Heirarchy

blue robe
Brother, Sister
blue robe, white sash
Uncle, Aunt
white robe
Father, Mother
white robe, blue collar
High Father, High Mother
white robe, blue collar and cummerbund
Grandfather, Grandmother
white robe, blue sash

Merchant’s Tongue: The Holy Mother, Homemaker, The Counselor
Brandobian: Brampmonel
Dejy: Trondar
Fhokki: Thokkarr
Kalamaran: Taladari
Reanaarese: Mosia
Svimohzish: Moimivam
Low Elven: Adraladdlaen
Dwarven: Manklim
Gnomish: Thimaneo
Halfling: Periva
Hobgoblin: Gulmab-Thrakkro
Orc: Barag

All that is good in the world can be traced back to a loving family
If you work hard, all your goals will be in sight
Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise
You get what you work for
Dreams dont build themselves
Laziness builds nothing

Holy Mother

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