Harvester of Souls

Spheres of Influence: The Harvester of Souls is the god of death and the underworld.
Alignment: Neutral
Spells Returned: At Dusk
Symbol: Skull and scythe.
Divine Focus: Small golden sickle.
Weapon: Scythe
Domains: Death, Destruction, Evil, Undeath

Appearance: The Ruler of the Dead appears as an extremely tall and thin man with wisps of white hair and two red glowing yet empty eye sockets. The Harvester of Souls wears a black robe and wields a large scythe.

Allies: The Inevitable Order of Time, the Temple of Armed Conflict, the Way of the Berserk, the House of Knives, the House of Hunger, the Conventicle of Affliction

Enemies: The Church of Everlasting Hope, the Church of the Life’s Fire, the Parish of Love, the Temple of the Three Strengths, the House of Solace

Merchant’s Tongue: Harvester of Souls, Ruler of the Dead, Bringer of the Grave, King of the Undead, Lord of the Underworld
Brandobian: Blonlen
Dejy: Kygyryr
Fhokki: Nytharr
Kalamaran: Galapiti
Reanaarese: Xiznoom
Svimohzish: Zazimash
Low Elven: Wyleredar
Dwarven: Dusur
Gnomish: Baxeeri
Halfling: Rawen
Hobgoblin: Domaadrik-Kanar
Orc: Prudush

It is time
Time to see the King
He is the final word, the end for all
There is no use in trying, you cannot avoid him
When the Ruler calls, all beings answer
Undeath is the culmination of all existence
Before slaying another: Your soul is ripe
Teachings: The only glory greater than dying for the Master is bringing his bounty to another

Harvester of Souls

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