As of this time the Powers of GreySkull (the current placeholder name of the band of adventurers for the campaign) are all level 4, which gives each player access to at least one feat. As per the Starting Equipment for Tiers of Play (DMG 38) each player receives their STANDARD character starting gear for their class and background. Moreover to help ease transition into the next tier of play, I am granting each character a single UNCOMMON Magic Item which must be approved by the DM and worked into your backstory. Players can also choose (optionally) to start with a single trinket (PHB 160). The Feat Variant rules are used and the Human Variant is REQUIRED for all players choosing human.

The following Races are all allowed for play: Aasimar (DMG 286) , Human (subraces of Kalamaran, Brandobian, Renaarian, Fhokki, Dejy, and Svimozhian), Dwarf (Hill), Elf (Wood or High), Halfling (Lightfoot), Gnome (Forest), Half- Elf, Half-Orc, & Tiefling.

The Following Class slots are currently available (no CLASS repeats allowed):

Cleric, Druid, Sorcerer, & MAYBE Wizard too.

The Powers of GreySkull currently includes the following characters :

Create Table: “Powers of GreySkull”

Class | Specialization | Character Name | Race | Sub-Race | Background | Player |

Barbarian – Wolf Totem – Pierro Malatesta – Human – Josh

Bard – Available for play

Cleric – Available for play

Druid – Available for play

Fighter – Battle Master – Korra Lander – Human – Noble – Jeffrey

Monk – FORBIDDEN CLASS – does not fit Mediterranean Greco-Roman Style of setting

Paladin – Arianthana DawnChaser – Wood Elf – PJ

Ranger – Bruno Trickfoot – Lightfoot Halfling – Cameron

Rogue – Flynn – Hill Dwarf – JP

Sorcerer – Available for Play

Warlock: Fiendish Pact of the Chain – Asher ‘Tradefolk’ Lore – Tiefling – Trent

Wizard: Diviner – Abadon – Human – Mupatta

SECOND GEN (more to come)

Cameron – Bonnabelle Goldenleaf – Eladrin Warlock – Fey
Jeffrey – Pietro Malatesta – Human Rogue – Mastermind
Josh – Pietra Malatesta – Human Wizard – Artificer
PJ – (same) Arianthana DawnChaser – Wood Elf Paladin


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