Fate Scribe

Fate Scribe

Spheres of Influence: The Fate Scribe is the god of prophesy, time and fate.
Alignment: Neutral
Spells Returned: At Dusk
Symbol: Silver crescent moon and three stars on a light green background.
Divine Focus: Silver crescent moon.
Weapon: Quarterstaff
Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Celerity, Divination, Mind, Fate, Time
Clergy Classes: Archivist, Wizard, Expert

Appearance: Queen Destiny appears as a middle-aged woman with shoulder length red hair. She is clad in light green robes trimmed in silver. The Keeper of Fortunes carries the Staff of the Prophets, a walking staff crowned by a crystal ball called the Eye of Knowledge.

Allies: The Temple of Armed Conflict, the Home Foundation, the Temple of Enchantment, the Congregation of the Dead

Enemies: The Face of the Free, the Courts of Inequity, the Confuser of Ways, the Church of Chance

The Role of the Church
The Prophets both make, interpret, and record prophecies. If an individual is discovered to have the gift of Foresight, they are often strongly encouraged to travel to the temple to serve the goddess as an oracle. In exchange, the temple offers protection from retribution for speaking unpleasant prophecies. The Prophets consider themselves the foremost authority in determining what is True Prophecy and what is showy divination theatrics. The core dogma of the faith is that the Inevitable Order of Time must not interfere with what is foreordained by their mistress.

Merchant’s Tongue: Fate Scribe, Queen Destiny, Keeper of Fortunes, She Who Sees All, Lady Time, Empress
Brandobian: Plondar
Dejy: Shardar
Fhokki: Tandarr
Kalamaran: Pagari
Reanaarese: Paag
Svimohzish: Movan
Low Elven: Enaryn
Dwarven: Foimek
Gnomish: Pomawin
Halfing: Taotan
Hobgoblin: Grondvar-Brogguk
Orc: Groshnak

Time is master of all men
I see all. I am the future
Things have a way of working themselves out in the end
Only time is eternal
For everything, there is a reason. Let fate guide you
All paths lead to the same consequences
We are all pawns in the cosmic struggle
Everything that happens, happens for the best

Fate Scribe

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