Emperor of Scorn

Spheres of Influence: The Emperor of Scorn is the god of hate and bigotry.
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Spells Returned: At Dusk
Symbol: Golden scepter ona blue background.
Divine Focus: Small golden scepter.
Weapon: Club
Domains: Evil, Knowledge, Strength, Hatred

Appearance: The Despiser appears as a perfect physical specimen of the same race as the observer. When angry, the Emperor of Scorn changes his facial features to those of a jackal.

Allies: The Courts of Inequity, the House of Shackles, the House of Knives

Enemies: The Parish of Love, the House of Solace, the Church of Everlasting Hope, the Temple of the Stars

The Role of the Church
One of the easiest ways for the followers of the Despiser to spread hate is through racial predjudice. A priest will inflame the people with passionate speeches extolling their superiority and eloquently placing the blame for their problems on another group. Ironically, there is just as likely to be a priest on the other side doing the exact same thing.

Merchant’s Tongue: Emperor of Scorn, The Despiser, Slayer of the Inverior, Lord of Intolerance, Hatemonger, Purge of Tellene, Hater of Elves (Or Dejy, Halflings, Hobgoblins, Kalamarans, etc)
Brandobian: Mormov
Dejy: Thananany
Fhokki: Jhekkarr
Kalamaran: P’Rakeke
Reanaarese: Peasor
Svimohzish: Slazhozh
Low Elven: Calereria
Dwarven: Gordal
Gnomish: Golmel
Halfling: Rendravan
Hobgoblin: Kortak-Tuvaghaz
Orc: Bugdush

Love and friendship are for the weak and ignorant
Unity and purity are most noble goals
We shall not rest until the land is pure
Those of our kind that oppose us shall be the first to die
It’s the drop for you, half-breed!

Emperor of Scorn

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