Creator of Strife

Spheres of Influence: The Creator of Strife is the god of discord, foul weather, and misfortune
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Spells Returned: At Dusk
Symbol: Varies regionaly, common examples are: storm clouds, a twister or a tidal wave.
Divine Focus: Spatially impossible geometic shape atop a crooked stick. The existence of this shape is a meracle granted by the Creator of Strife.
Weapon: Flail
Domains: Air, Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Water, Ocean, Tempest

Appearance: He Who Brings Misfortune takes many forms, but always appears disheveled, and his clothing is always bright, colorful and clashing.

Allies: The Thunderer’s Temple, the Assembly of the Four Corners, the Way of the Berserk, the Impostors

Enemies: The Church of Chance, the Founder’s Creation, the Parish of Love, the Theater of the Arts, the House of Solace

Merchant’s Tongue: Creator of Strife, Bringer of the Drought (or Flood, or whatever bad weather is regionally), King of Disharmony, Maker of Dissension, He Who Brings Misfortune, Ill-Luck, Discordant One
Brandobian: Eprel
Dejy: Kokyt
Fhokki: Thydorr
Kalamaran: Ranaka
Reanaarese: Veuxoo
Svimohzish: Zhamaz
Low Elven: Shambourki
Dwarven: Gloran
Gnomish: Kerra
Halfling: Mometh
Hobgoblin: Vakkro-Gur-Haad
Orc: Bolg

It’s a fine, foul day for a battle
Strife and dissensions should be shared by all
Sometimes misfortune has nothing to do with chance
Better bad luck than no luck at all

Creator of Strife

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