In the world of Telene there are five common coin material denominations. It is important to note that most prices have been changed wherein;

tin pieces (tp) replace copper pieces (cp)
copper pieces replace silver pieces (sp)
silver pieces replace gold pieces (gp)
gold pieces replace platinum pieces (pp)
platinum pieces replace astral diamonds

Astral diamond do not exist in this campaign setting.

As per usual D&D rules the difference in value of each is a factor of 10. So 1 platinum piece = 10 gold pieces = 100 silver pieces = 1000 copper pieces = 10,000 tin pieces. 50 of any coin makes a pound of the material as each coin is about 1/3 of an ounce of that material, so a gold ingot weighing one pound is worth 50 gp. This exchange rate and size is historically accurate, as exemplified by the florin1. In general, a character can sell something for half its listed price. Trade goods are the exception to the half-price rule. A trade good, in this sense, is a valuable good that can be easily exchanged almost as if it were cash itself. Barter economies are not uncommon among Kingdoms of Kalamar, especially among the less civilized frontiers furthest from the Imperial Heartland. Barter is also still used extensively in trade ports though these values are GENERAL rules on value. Local economies of scale can increase or decrease prices substantially which encourages trade, particularly for products made with slave labor.

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