Battle Rager

Spheres of Influence: The Fearless One is the god of battle, berserkers, chaos and courage.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Spells Returned: At Dawn
Symbol: Crossed swords behind a double-bladed hand axe.
Divine Focus: A small silver sword or double-bladed axe.
Weapon: Hand axe
Domains: Chaos, Strength, War, Metal
Clergy Classes: Cleric, Barbarian, Fighter, Warrior

Appearance: Battle Rager appears as a stocky, middleaged being with long, wavy, red hair. Clad in dark blue and red plate mail, the Red wields two large, doubled-bladed hand axes (“Bloodletter” and “Headtaker”). He also wields a greatsword (“Foeslayer”).

Allies: The Thunderer’s Temple, the Order of the Passionate One, the Temple of Strife, the Congregation of the Dead

Enemies: The Halls of the Valiant, the Hall of Oaths, the House of Solace, the Temple of Armed Conflict, the Founder’s Creation

Merchant’s Tongue: Battle Rager, The Red, Sentinel of Unbridled Rage, The Fearless One, Blood Boiler, Prince of Turmoil
Brandobian: Omvleln
Dejy: Dokarek
Fhokki: Falkker
Kalamaran: Pagarog
Reanaarese: Feenoo
Svimohzish: Minammozh
Low Elven: Halamaegyn
Dwarven: Ragmar
Gnomish: Laeribel
Halfling: Malakkan
Hobgoblin: Thallak-Shakarz
Orc: Grarg

Bring back their heads to adorn our hearts
Spoken to a foe: “If you are scared you will walk away. If you are wise, you will run.”
Here I stand, bloodied but unbowed, facing the darkness. Give me sport cowards!

Battle Rager

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