Tales of Telluria: Birthright and DeathRight

The End of the Beginning

Part 1: The Devils Do

Korra Lander – Jeffrey Chang
Pierro Malatesta – Josh Puey
Bruno “Felix” Trickfoot – Cameron Hogarth
Arianthana Dawnchaser – PJ
Trent Lilly – Asher “Tradefolk” Lore
Austin Lilly – Observing
Ray – Observing
JP – Absent Cleric of Mechanus


Nighttime at Senator Constantina’s Villa, located in the patrician’s district of Bet Rogala. The Powers of Greyskull have sought refuge from the turmoil beyond Constatina’s gates. The normally cold war between the factions of Pekal had spilled into the city streets.

The travelers were weary from clashing beneath and upon the city. Constantina had great trepidation regarding the unconscious beholder that was being dragged into the villa. Constantina was persuaded to provide senatorial sanctuary as long as the group would provide testimony regarding the attack by the cult of annihilation.

Riorix was fetched by a servant and once he was apprised of the situation, he used his vestment as Quaestor to open an investigation and thus grant the group temporary immunity from extradition to the College of Magic. While in discussions with Riorix, a delegate of the Mechanist brought a message from the Silver Flame Slayers that Asher Lore had broken into one of their warehouses. Constantina had the party taken out through a hidden tunnel and they made their way to the Silver Flame compound.

An injured Silver Flame guardsman sat at the entrance of the warehouse indicating that Asher was inside before handing Bruno a Sunstone. Pierro broke down the double doors, a recruit with the silver flames was inside, attempting to burst into the inner strongroom where the books were contained.

Upon entering the pitch black chamber, Bruno tossed the Sunstone into the room. Asher’s tail was among one of the bookshelves pouring over the volumes.

     “Wrong date, not pertinent, to early.” As Asher read the spines of the books.
     “ASHER! You scoundrel, liar and cheat. Reveal yourself from the shadows the face judgement.” Shouted Korra.
     Bruno with a concerned voice, “Don’t do anything you’ll regret Asher.”
     Asher brought out a new glinting dagger and struck a defensive posture. “The fates have twined us not once, not twice, but thrice. My fate will not be stained with blood today.” He edged towards a bookshelf. “Funny thing the idea of family,” He leered towards Korra.
     Arianthana stepped forward hoping to alleviate the pressured situation “You’re being rash, you want instant gratification but you’re going about this all wrong. We don’t have to fight this day, we can walk away from this without bloodshed.”
     “Not one. more. step.” Korra snarled, as she held her quarterstaff in a high guard.

Other Notes
Constantina informed the band that half of the Halfling quarter was destroyed and that they would need a new home.

Also, everyone received an inspiration point but for various reasons such as assisting with Obsidian Portal, achieving MVP status, and assisting with the running of the game.

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