Tales of Telluria: Birthright and DeathRight

Senate Scuffle Scandal

Reveals and Shames

Content Not Found: asher-tradefolk Male Tiefling Infernal Warlock of Chain Pact – Outlander??

Arianthana Dawnchaser Female Wood Elf Paladin – Oath of ?? – Hermit??

Bruno Trickfoot

Korra Lander Female Human Fighter Battlemaster – Noble

Piero Malatesta

Lucius – Human Cleric of Freedom

‘Aegis’ – Elfling

Act 1 Scene 1: Entering the City

After narrowly avoiding entanglement and fire at the hands of minute mercenaries, Our intrepid inbreds Adventurers arrive at the protection of the city guards at the main gate. Their wagonload of troubles must be inspected and their dead oxen moved out of the way to clear the path for whoever is brave enough to traverse the skirmish and fire that is what’s left of the halfling slums.

Korra Lander meet an old friend Riorix there, and everyone makes a mark in the book of entry. Everyone goes their seperate ways to take care of buisness. Asher, Arianthana, and Bruno visit the college of magic to receive their license to cast, while Pierro, Korra, and Aegis find a bar. Felix makes a speech to Pierro and Korra, which is recorded in its own right naught one entry hence.

Act 1 Scene 2: Solemn Ceremonial
Once they meet up and clean up, they’re off to the Senate, where they will be awarded status as the Honorable. Aegis takes a stroll while the award ceremony occurs, and misses out on the fun. The award ceremony is attended by the senior college of magic as sponsor for Asher Tradefolk, Korra Lander, Pierro Malatesta, Felix Goldenleaf, and Arianthana Dawnchaser. All of them receive sashes of the honorable and all but Arianthana get certificates of the dragonslayer for killing Olimar the Deathwind and bringing his corpse to the city. They are granted land on which to build a castle and enhance the small frontier town of Dundenvale

Act 1 Scene 3: Rewards gone Awry
Asher speaks up against this granting of land to Korra Lander for the purposes of a castle. The land is already owned by the College of Magic, and granted to Asher Tradefolk. Asher reveals his lineage as Korra’s ancestral nemesis in the middle of the ceremony on the senate floor. This sudden revealation incenses korra to fight, and she grabs the first thing at hand to beat Asher with (which happened to be bruno). Throwing halfings at people is risky buisness, and it won’t do much to hurt anyone other than frail old men, but thats exactly what happened to the Head of the College of Magic. One halfling to the face later, and we’re all on his shit-list and Korra is under arrest.

Act 1 Scene 4: Insult to Injury
With Korra in jail, Pierro handles this in typical Kaldo fassion: Go to a bar, drink, wench, and drown your troubles. His carousing is normal, but he usually comes back the next morning. What doesn’t usually come in his place is a death threat. Upon receiving said threat, Korra puts her friends over her political career and breaks out of jail to rescue him. Relying on Felix’s connections in town, they are able to find a person who can lead them to Pierro. The SandFather requires them to partake for his services to be rendered, so they do.

Act 1 Scene 5: One Dream Away
Sitting down at dinner and then waking up in the middle of a sewer battle field can rattle the brain. Well, that’s what drugs will do to you. That’s also what happened. Mid-rout, the party finds Pierro naked in a pot, tied and surrounded by hags. Half of their hafling allies are dead around them, and several ogres and hag cultists are also strewn about. A gaping drain is in the center of the cavern, where rushing water can be heard spiraling into the pipes below. Gone is the happy haze of Silver Sand, and now the jarring reality sets in again. Fight. Kill. Live. The fight was a close thing, with Korra falling unconcious, 2 of the 3 hags of the coven being melted, and the last one taken captive by the party. A tenuous hostage exchange was brokered, but not before someone threw korra down the gaping pit in the middle of the room. Pierro saves her with his mighty muscles, and Lucius throws them a rope. The hag cultists retreat with their leader, and the party stops for a breather.

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