Tales of Telluria: Birthright and DeathRight

Pre-Pre-Lude Part 1

New Players take the Stage


Our Cast of Characters:

Jeffrey – MIA
Josh – MIA
Cameron – MIA
PJ -Arianthana Dawnchaser – PJ
Trent – MIA
Austin – Icarus
Ray – Valmon

Our heroes meet on the long, winding halfling caravan from the capital to Dundenvale. Arianthana and Icarus had already met while on business to the College of Magic and worked a job to deal with a haunting once before. However, they noticed Valmon immediately as he stood head and shoulders over all the rest of the men of the caravan because he was the only other medium sized sentient visible. While Arianthana had portentous dreams destruction and a male drow, Valmon had heard of a madman at a haunted keep to the south and was investigating, while Asurus sought a Fugitive Murderer.

During a break on the dusty summer road circumventing the fens of the lizardfolk, Arianthana chilled drinks for the tired caravaneers as Icarus studied spells from a human skinned book and children dared one another to touch his backpack of many hands. Still in his campaign cloak, Valmon gambled with [insert name here] in the wagon of his halfling family.



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