Tales of Telluria: Birthright and DeathRight

Not so long ago in a place not so far away

Events all too familiar


Prelude / Prequel Session # 1:

Adventuring Party:

Elsa: Female Half-Elf Bard of Lore
Leon Lander: Male Human Cleric of the Free
TelAmothan: ‘Female Human’ Druid?
Content Not Found: lukas-trimel Male Human ?Champion Fighter?
Kordis: Male Tinker gnome Paladin (?devotion?) of Mechanus
Caldo Malatesta: Male Human Rogue?

“Reserve” Party Members

Dwarven Barbarian
Content Not Found: old-man-kroper
Halfling Wild Sorcerer
Diviner Wizardess
Fey Warlock?

Summary of Session

Just over two decades ago a band of adventurers went to stop a reported demonic ritual at skulltop hillock. As green smoke and orange flame filled the eyes of the dread fort the adventurers arrived to put an end to the demonic rituals they were told were taking place. There motivations and patrons are myriad for what they admit is their last adventure together after many years of working together. Some may not survive facing this excursion against elemental evil.

The party slew a group of orcs in the Jaw gate but noticed that their gear seemed strange and they had upon them unusual brands. Lukas the * noted that the murder holes in the SkullMaw gatehouse were not used in the fight but the sounds of boiling and roiling was detected.

The brave band pressed forward and next they battled a group of a half dozen myconids armed with spider silk & chitin armor and weapons. Telamothon noted that it is unusual for myconids to be so aggressive. Some of the bodies were burned badly but others were left to fester in the halls as time appears to be of the essence.

In their third battle they faced an ettercap and its giant spiders whom wrestled Caldo from the ground in its garotte despite their cunning plan to stealthily ambush their next foe. Alas, the legendary Malatesta boldness was in full display and the rest of the party had to rush forward to save him from the nigh invisible strands that choked the life from their swashbuckling friend. Despite the beast’s malice they let it go free in exchange for warnings and knowledge of the Elemental Evils they would face deeper in Skulltop Hillock.

The assortment of monsters was strange, their behaviours curious as you all venture deeper into the dungeon. Not everyone trusts the words of the freed ettercap but if it’s words ring true then ahead lay many and myriad mephits as well as piercers, a minotaur, undead, and those touched by the gifts of demons and dragons.

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