Tales of Telluria: Birthright and DeathRight

Factions Fracas Part 1

Silverflames vs Arcanists

Act 2 Scene 1: No rest for the Weary
Almost out of spells, tired, hurt, and wet. Not allowed to rest. The party encounters a hostile group of Silverflame Slayers. The Slayers are after a coven of hags, but they take offense at the party’s possession of a furry man and silverflame weapon. Fleeing the field is the prudent course, but pursuers abound.

Act 2 Scene 2: Trapped in the tunnels:
The party is split in its haste, with Felix staying behind with his halfling friends, Arianthana and Aegis down one tunnel, and Korra, Pierro, and Lucius down another. Ariantahna discovers Aegis’s mind is exactly as fragile as a normal person, and he can’t deal with the happy haze to dance of death transitions provided by the sand. Aegis constructs a dream-world of his own where the happy haze still exists, and uses it to filter the world around him. Arianthana does what she can, but they still have to move. Korra and Pierro run straight into some mage-knights who were looking for Korra. They jump up to catch a pipe in the ceiling, leaving Lucius behind. The mage knights don’t worry about him, but problems within the Knight’s forces cause their leashed beholder to berserk. Lucius backpedals and catches up with Aegis and Aria.

Act 2 Scene 3: All roads lead to Romeo
Both halves of the party run into each other while tracking down mysterious echoed voices that are looking for Korra Lander. As these are of a guttural nature, it is surmised that the voice is not human, and therefore better than the mage knights that are looking for her. Aegis puts up an illusionary wall between the party and the mage knights to slow them down, and the party continues to follow the voices until they find the Band of the Second Hand of the Clan of the Claw

Act 2 Scene 4: Introductions to the Second Hand
JeLovins77373, Stop loosing bets.

Act 2 Scene 5: Down came the rain.
After a tunnel of roleplaying and plot development, the party comes to the door that’s supposed to lead them out. They crank on the valves and pull on the handles to open the doors, but instead of sunshine, they get a flood. Everyone is washed away to who knows where. Will everyone get out ok? Will someone drown? Will Aegis find his lost mind? Find out next time! #CLIFFHANGER.

Inspiration points awarded to Vinny, Mazzu, & Cameron.

“You’ll always remember this as the day you ALMOST disintegrated Felix Goldweave!”

Order of the Unicorn. Gazjeszama. Band of the Minute Hand.

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